God is graciously holding out to you a life of freedom, joy, and purpose. Acting as your trusted guide, the great variety of resources on this site are here to encourage you, challenge you, and walk by your side allowing you to grow closer to God and the amazing life He has for you.


Arranged topically, these articles provide immediate insight and encouragement on both life’s daily struggles as well as its deep and difficult issues.

It won’t matter if you have been a Christian many years or are a new babe in Christ, you will be transformed as Kim opens up the Word of God in a very simple but profound way. -Betty



Taught live in Winter Haven’s LifeRenewal Bible Study, these teachings allow you to sit in on Kim’s class, soak in God’s presence, be captivated by His love, and leave equipped and inspired to live out His truths.

You can find Kim’s audios accompanying many of the articles above or you can find a complete listing here.

Kim Avery’s teaching is a breath of fresh air. Her transparency and sincere love for God are evident, and I love the way she helps others have a more intimate relationship with Jesus. – Anne

Bible Studies

Not everyone can fit a weekly Bible study into their busy schedule. That’s why Life Coaching for Christian Women offers virtual Bible studies that allow you to study from your home, on your schedule so that you too can experience transformational change.

Contagious Love – Experience and share God’s amazing love through a 9 week study of I John.

    • Believe it!
    • Receive it!
    • Pass it on!

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Life Overflowing – A 13 week study designed to help you…

    • Discover your divine calling
    • Enjoy Christ’s inexhaustible riches
    • Be renewed from the inside out
    • Fight ongoing temptations
    • Experience life overflowing

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Designed for both small group study or to be done of your own, this series has it all. Stories, exercises, inspiration and daily action steps that will move you closer to your goal. With these books, busy women can now invest just ten minutes a day and experience true change.


In this increasingly busy and mobile world, we often spend more time on the Internet than we do with our God. But those two things don’t have to be at odds. Now you can spend connect deeply with God in a format that fits your life.

Each e-coaching course contains:

  • A weekly audio message designed to encourage and inspire you on your road to change.
  • A Daily Interactive Action Plan with verses, stories, exercises, inspiration, and action steps all moving you closer to your goal. (A new plan is sent every day by email for five days, followed by a two day break, for the duration of the course you choose.)