Everyday Life: How to Deal with Anger

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How to Deal with Anger

angerI rarely get angry when life is going my way.  When the traffic flows, the children behave, and unexpected cash arrives in the mailbox, I don’t struggle with anger, not even a little bit.

Of course, when those crazy drivers cut me off, the children blatantly disobey, and the bank messes up my deposit, anger is closer at hand. I feel justified in my anger at times like these. Some people just shouldn’t have a driver’s license, my kids should be perfect, and the teller at the bank should learn to count.  These are the days when I wonder how to deal with anger.

God is Great. God is Good.

On sunny days when our pantry is full, the doctor’s visit went well, and we are surrounded by people who love us, it’s easy to believe in the goodness of God. Our disposition is cheery and negativity never crosses our lips.

But on dark days, when the family is at risk, our health is poor, and the future is unknown, we are tempted to doubt God, to wonder about His goodness, and a slow simmering anger at the injustice of it all seems to bubble up from deep inside.

Yet the dark times of life never negate the goodness of God. Psalm 25:10 (NASB) boldly declares,

“All the paths of the LORD are lovingkindness…”

All the paths? Yes, all of them. Every single one is full of lovingkindness. I love that word, lovingkindness. It is so rich.  In Hebrew, it means the consistent, ever-pursuing, lavish, unrestrained, extravagant love of God. Every single path that the Lord leads us down, the traffic jam, the hospital stay, and bankruptcy court, all of them somehow are an expression of God’s lavish love.

Tough Love

As good parents, we understand this.  We make our children sit through school classes they hate so they can have a future they love.  We force them to get shots that hurt so they will be healthy and strong, and we discipline them with our own hands so that they will learn to be good.  What seems hard, harsh, and unreasonable, the very things that cause our children to be angry, are most often our intentional expression of goodness and love.

When we remember that all the events of our life, the good and the bad, come from the hands of our loving God, our anger quickly loses ground.  God will make each of these things work for our good (Romans 8:28).  He has promised, and He will.  He is good.  He loves us and every path He leads us down will turn to good.

Of course, everything that happens to us in this life is NOT good. Evil abounds, people wrong us, and Satan lies in wait to take us down.  None of these things are good.  But God is and because He is good, He takes everything, the good and the bad, the easy and the hard, and gives us this amazing guarantee:  He will CAUSE it to work for our good.

Anger Fades Because He Is Good

When life is hard, when we chafe under despair, we don’t have to wonder how to deal with anger.  Recall this to your mind: Your God loves you, and He is good.

Listen to Audio “How to Deal with Anger” & Learn:

Headaches, stomach aches, chronic fatigue, anxiety, numbness, depression and more can come as a result of anger. Yet anger isn’t all bad – anger is also a no-fail alert system that lets us know when our priorities are out of place and our beliefs are out of line.  Learn how to use anger as a means to draw you closer to God and to other people.

  • Expose and root out the hidden source of your anger
  • Learn the two Biblical steps to fighting anger
  • Understand the relationship between hard times and a loving God

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