Everyday Life: Power for True Change

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Power for True Change

Victory Anyone?


I want a victorious Christian life, don’t you?  I want to be kind, generous, loving, and full of peace. I want to serve those who use me, to build up those who resent me, and to reflect the glory of my God.

We all want victory. We want to stop overspending and under-saving just because a new possession temporarily numbs life’s deeper pain.  Many struggle with worry, anxiety, or despair.  We all long to be closer to God, obedient, joyful, and unashamed to share our faith.


But for all our good intentions, there are some less-than-victorious areas, aren’t there? We need help!  Not self-help, where we dig in, work harder, and give it all we’ve got. Such strenuous effort always starts well, but it inevitably fails in the long run.

Self-help tells me to stop worrying, to have a long hard talk with myself, to remember that nine times out of ten the bad things that I worry about never happen.  And that works for a while until I start to worry about that tenth time.

I can get my complaining under control.  I’ll just donate a quarter to charity every time I whine.  That really is a good way to increase my awareness, to discourage the habit, and to help someone else.  But to be honest, sometimes it is just worth 25 cents to have a good gripe session.  Actually, it’s cheap at that price.

Obeying God?  I’ve tried.  I just impose more discipline on myself, read the Bible more, and fall to my knees when I pray.  And like all my other solutions, it works – for awhile.

However, deep change and lasting transformation is a self-help project that will never work.  I cannot change myself. Self-effort is a dead end road.

  • Self-effort is what got Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden
  • Self-effort lost Saul the kingly throne
  • Self-effort got Lucifer banished from heaven
  • Self-effort is what got us into the position we are in now

God’s Power

We need a power outside of ourselves.  And praise God, He has that power and He makes it available to us. He created the universe by simply speaking a word.  He breathed on some dust and it because a man.  Christ defeated death and raised Himself from the grave.  That is the kind of power I need.

Want change?  God is able.  God is willing.  He is available.  And all He asks of us is one thing.

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know …the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe.

Ephesians 1:18-19 (NASB)

God’s power for true change is there for us, for those who believe, for those who have faith.

This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.

I John 5:4 (NIV)

Listen to Audio “Power for True Change” & Learn:

You can connect God’s amazing power to your overwhelming need. You can stop trying harder and start trusting more. Learn what true faith is and how it will bring victory to your life.

  • Recognize the roots of self-sufficiency that run deep in your life
  • Learn what true faith is and what it isn’t
  • Break free of the gravitational pull of Satan’s lies
  • Fully experience all that God has promised you

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