Everyday Life: Powerful Living

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Powerful  Living

Electrical plug on whiteI have some wonderful electronic toys at my house.  My computer organizes my world, my oven heats the food, the ipod brings music to my life, and my TV entertains me after a long hard day at work. With the addition of one simple thing, these tools are a great addition to my life.

Plugged In

As fabulous as each of the above tools are, they are completely worthless on their own. They have to be plugged in to work.  Without power the computer is nothing more than a paperweight, the over a dish rack, the ipod a knick knack, and the TV an empty picture frame.  These items may look good on the outside but just owning them is not enough.  They must have an ongoing power source if they are going to work.

A Christian can also look good on the outside.  She can go to church, read her Bible, memorize verses, and sing all the right songs. Yet that is not enough.  She may look good on the outside, but simply making a profession of faith is not enough. She will need to use her ongoing power source if her life is really going to work.

Plug Into God’s Power

The Apostle Paul reminds us of this by saying, If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit Galatians 5:25.

It is through God’s Holy Spirit that we receive God’s precious promises, life, truth, power, boldness, comfort, love, freedom, assurance, holiness, fruit, joy, spiritual gifts, and power over sin.  We live by the Spirit and to experience true power in our lives, we are now commanded to walk by the Spirit.

Simple window dressing Christianity is not enough. We need the true transformational power that comes from walking by the Spirit. When we plug into Him and His power every thought, every emotion, word, and decision becomes His and not our own. Better than that, this power is not a one time event but an on-going lifestyle, “Keep on being filled with the Spirit” Ephesians 5:18.

Begin Today

You can begin accessing this power of God in your life and heart by praying this prayer written by Bill Bright at the start of each day.  “As I begin this day, and as I continue throughout the day, I invite You to walk around in my body, love with my heart, speak with my lips and think with my mind.  I thank You that You promised to do greater things through me than You did when You were here on the earth. By faith, I acknowledge Your greatness, Your power, Your authority in my life, and I invite You to do anything You wish in and through me today.”


Listen to Audio “Powerful Living” & Learn

Explore the two essential steps for walking by the Spirit every day and hear real accounts of how these simple steps transformed the lives of real women.

  • Discover the power
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  • See what a difference a life lived by the Spirit can be

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