Everyday Life: What is Change?

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What is Change? Where do I Begin?

swimsuitsWinter in Florida is glorious. The sun is cool, the days are clear, and the wardrobe is, shall we say, more substantial.  But it’s swimsuit season again, that nine month period of time we Floridians call summer. With temperatures soaring and the humidity sky high, tank tops, shorts, and bikinis are the order of the day.

The shift towards summer begins harmlessly enough.  The department stores set out their new swimsuit styles, dim their lights, and teach the clerks to say, “Oh, don’t you look cute?” But it is not long before reality hits.

The difference between the kind gentle lighting of the dressing room and the full noon sun reflecting off the sand is the difference between night and day.  Bumps and lumps that were never meant to be seen are all of a sudden on public display.  The words, ‘not pretty’ come to mind.  I hate swimsuit season.  Why?  Because it causes me to see myself as I really am.

On the upside, the approach of swimsuit season helps us focus on these questions, what is change and where do I begin? All change begins with an acute awareness of what really exists. The thought of beach towels and badminton curbs my appetite, drags me to the gym, and holds me accountable for change.  Seeing myself as I really am motivates me to become who I really want to be.

In Philippians 1:10 Paul prays that this same swimsuit experience would be the daily habit of our lives.  “For I want you to understand what really matters so that you may live pure…” The Greek word for pure here is a compound word combining two concepts:  light and judge.  In other words, I know I am pure when I can be judged in the light of the sun.

It is so much easier for us to keep our inner lives out of view with bulky disguise. We cover our lifeless marriages with happy faces and mindless busyness.  The heady experience of pleasing other people easily replaces a deep intimacy with God.  We layer our haunting fears with the illusion of control, and our insecurities are shoved out of sight by independence and pride.

But here’s the problem. If I can’t see something, I can’t change it.  I can’t regret it, repent of it, and ask God to replace it with Himself. The truth is that the stirrings of change begin in the bright light of the sun.

Reality is hard. It’s not pretty, but it is a necessary precursor to change. God is calling us to be pure so that we can live fruitful, joyful lives.  It’s time to come out in the open so that we can deal with what is really there.  Only then we can splash with abandon in the authentic ocean of God’s love.

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It’s deceptively easy to spend all our time and energy getting to the “top of the world’s ladder” only to discover that it was leaning against the wrong wall, to grasp for everything yet gain nothing. We may be busy beyond belief yet achieving nothing of eternal value.  Instead, we all want to live a life that counts!

  • Discover God’s values
  • Invest in your heavenly portfolio
  • Rearrange your priorities and increase your joy
  • Live transformed

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