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Christian Relationships

Christian RelationshipsWhy are Christian relationships important? Relationships are an integral part of our created design. God designed us for relationship with Himself. St. Augustine summed it up best when he said this, “You have made us for yourself, Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”

But that’s not all.  Did it ever strike you as odd that when God made Adam, placed him in a perfect garden, in a sinless world, and communed with him daily, He still said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” We were made for relationship, with God and with each other.

How is that going for you? Unfortunately most people would answer, ‘not well.’ 10 to 20 million women report that they are suffering from something called, ‘Living-Together Loneliness.’  They are physically surrounded by people but are emotionally isolated, ignored, and alone.

According to Psychologist Dan Kiley, Living-Together Loneliness typically has five stages dependent on your age:

  • 22-28 – bewilderment
  • 28-34 – isolation
  • 34-42 – agitation
  • 43-50 – depression
  • 50 + – absolute exhaustion

These facts paint a chilling picture of life in the 21st century. Americans tend to value mobility, privacy, and convenience above all else, yet it is those very values which make developing a sense of community almost impossible. We are aching for the relationships that we spend our lives avoiding.

We weren’t meant to go it alone – God created us for Himself and for one another.  It is part of our divine design.  Thirty-six times in the New Testament God explicitly commands us to be deeply involved with one another.  Here are just a few:

  • Be Devoted to One Another
  • Accept One Another
  • Bear With One Another
  • Forgive One Another
  • Honor One Another
  • Live in Harmony with One Another
  • Greet One Another
  • Serve One Another
  • Submit to One Another
  • Stop Judging One Another
  • Encourage One Another
  • Offer Hospitality to One Another
  • Be Humble Towards One Another
  • and most importantly, LOVE ONE ANOTHER

Look over that list again. Is there one in particular that stands out to you?

This week, why don’t you take that one simple command, to  ___________  one another and begin to dream about the ways that you could implement it in your life.

Swim against the cultural tide.  Dare to be different.  Don’t settle for normal. Don’t cycle through the inevitable  bewilderment, isolation, agitation, depression, and exhaustion that results from going it alone.

Instead, rearrange your life so that it includes others, serves others, delights in others, and loves others. Strong Christian relationships help fulfill your divine design.  Begin today to experience the joy of doing what you were created to do.

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