Who We Serve

Do you know that God has a plan for your life? If you’re tired of one-size fits all solutions, then life coaching is for you. We believe that God loves you, calls you by name, and has a unique plan and purpose for your life. We also know that God’s purposes sometimes can be hard to find in the busyness, complexity, and set-backs of life.

Working with a life coach gives you a partner for success. You will receive support, encouragement, wisdom, and accountability so that you can…

  • reduce your stress
  • increase your energy
  • manage your time
  • overcome obstacles
  • be more focused
  • discover balance
  • find fulfillment
  • be secure in God’s love
  • be confident of God’s will
  • love your life

This is real life.  Life Coaching for Christian Women provides real help.

How We Work

Life coaching is a powerful relationship that will support, equip, and inspire you. You set the agenda, you determine the pace, you choose the priorities, and with God’s help you CAN change your life.

Here Are Just a Few of the Results You Can Expect:

By working one to one with a Life Coach, you will discover the firm confidence that comes from knowing God’s unique purpose for your life.

Through the process of gentle yet powerful questioning, the things and people you care about most once again receive the time and attention they deserve.

Skilled coaching will help you discover and use your spiritual gifts.happy-woman

Building a strengths-based life allows your highest priorities to increasingly reflect God’s deepest desires.

Clients report that their energy soars and joy returns.

Life and work return to their proper balance.

Time is well-managed and their environment is well-ordered.

Relationships are rich and deep guided by love and godly boundaries.

Coaching allows our clients to find exceptional joy and purpose.

Peace and contentment will fill your life and you will fall deeper and deeper in love with your God.

Coaching Approach

You are a unique masterpiece created by God, and our goal is to help you revel in His love and joyfully live out His purpose.

Together we will approach all of life from a Biblical perspective. Through prayerful exploration, you will clarify, and live out your God-given purpose and dreams.

We will uncover and replace any sabotaging or limiting thinking that is holding you back and address all the obstacles that are in your way.

We will help you plan and strategize the way to your desired future, equipping, encouraging, and inspiring you every step of the way.

You Can Change Your Life

This is real life. You need real help so that you can experience real change. It is our prayer that you will visit the Personal Coaching page, call for a free complimentary session, and begin today to move towards a life you love.