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Meet Kim Avery

In coaching, as in every area of life, I value honesty, authenticity, and practicality at all times with a sprinkling of humor throughout.  Unfortunately, “About Me pages” aren’t typically set up that way.  Like dusty books that no one reads, they list credits, accomplishments, degrees and credentials, which frankly, make me look much stuffier than I am. But for those of you who may be interested in that, you can see my professional bio below.

In the meantime, the real Kim Avery…

Kim Avery: I love life!  Does that sound too much like a Miss America speech? I hope not, because I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I don’t love my life because it is always good. It isn’t. From marital struggles, to infertility, car accidents, hospitalizations, chronic health problems, parenting teenagers and more, life hasn’t always been easy.

familyYet somehow, in the midst of struggle and pain, I always knew that God’s promise of an abundant life must be true. I didn’t know where it was or how to find it but I relentlessly pursued it until His joy became my own.

God was right (He always is): an abundant life is possible. Right in the middle of life-struggle, kids, chaos, and pain – He began to show me how to experience true joy.

Zealously, I want this for every Christian woman everywhere. It is my prayer that the very same stubborn streak which kept me searching for joy in God’s unlikely places will move me to keep passing it on as long as I have breath.

Coaching: Why coaching?  I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor by profession and it has been my privilege over the years to counsel many in distress and need.  Yet in my daily life I couldn’t help but notice a growing gap in the Christian community. While many Christian women didn’t necessarily need counseling or healing from past hurts, they did need help.  Life is hard and these women were too important to be overlooked. That’s when I discovered coaching

Coaching brings change. It helps women assess where they are and then uncovers where God would have them be – spiritually, emotionally, financially, relationally and more.  Coaching then equips women to bridge that gap and to discover and live out new choices, and that leads to life change.

I received the additional training, earned my certification, and now have the privilege of bringing the power of coaching into women’s lives and mentoring other coaches who desire to do the same.

Family: My husband Ron owns and operates Pinnacle Sales Group, a marketing firm here in Central Florida. He is the most patient, generous and loving man I have ever met. While our early marriage years weren’t exactly blissful, I am thankful to be able to say today that we are the best of friends.

poochesWe have two children, Bethany and Jonathan. Together they have taught me to laugh, love, and pray like there is no tomorrow. Thankfully, God answers prayer and they are a delight to their mother’s heart.

I can’t resist mentioning my two miniature poodles, Bob and Ralph. They’re the best. Every time I walk through the door, they faithfully greet me with tail-wagging glee as if I were the most important person in the world. What fun.

Professionally: I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur – if I find a good thing, I want to share it.  Thus, I have a variety of professional pursuits.  I am the founder and teacher of LifeRenewal Ministries, a city-wide Bible study where it is my joy to weekly inspire and equip women to apply God’s principles to their daily lives and to fall more deeply in love with Him.

I also am a career coach, speaker, marketing instructor, speech writer, owner of four small businesses and devoted lover of chocolate.

Fun: I confess, I am addicted to reading. I love to read anything and everything, from the writings of the ancient church fathers to the back of cereal boxes.  If it’s in print, I devour it.

exerciseI also like to exercise to stay in shape, lean on friends to keep me sane, and steal time away in the mountains to refresh my soul.

Now for the more formal bio…

For more than 20 years, Kim Avery has equipped others to discover success and significance in their careers and in their lives.

Kim’s extensive business education and expertise combined with her graduate degree in counseling makes her a powerful Life and Career Coach. Academically prepared, professionally qualified, and personally experienced, as your coach, Kim will be committed to your success.

Professional Qualifications

  • BA, Warner Southern College
  • MA, University of South Florida
  • Summa Cum Laude
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
  • Graduate Fellowship Award Recipient
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • Professional Certified Life Coach, Institute of Life Coach Training
  • Certified Career Management Specialist, Career Coach Academy
  • Certified Job Search Specialist, The Academies
  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
  • Faculty Instructor – Career Coach Academy
  • Faculty Instructor – Professional Christian Coaching Institute
  • Licensed Facilitator GET HIRED NOW!TM
  • Licensed Facilitator GET CLIENTS NOW!TM
  • Blueprint for Life – Affiliate Coach
  • DiSC Personality Profile Facilitator and Trainer
  • President – American Business Women’s Association, Winter Haven, FL
  • Author – Parenting the ADHD Child;  Romans: The Road to Freedom; Adjusting to Adoption, Change Your Thinking Change Your Life, Uniquely You: Discover Your Life Purpose
  • Professional Speaker – Certified CLASS Speaker
  • Founder and President – LifeRenewal Ministries
  • CEO – Work Strategically
  • CEO – Speeches2Go