Spiritual Growth: Desiring God

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Desiring God

We Reap What We Sow

ChangeNothing is more important than desiring God. Nothing. Yet with all of the distractions in this world, it is all too easy to lose our focus and to place our hopes and dreams on something or someone else. Our attention wanders, our heart goes astray, and sadly, our white hot passion for God atrophies and cools.

The author of Gospel Transformation puts it this way:

“The Christian life is all about relationships – relationships with God and others.  Although we are dearly loved children, and God has been pleased to give us all things, we can still disrupt our relationship with Him.  We can resist the influence of the Spirit.  We can grieve Him.  We can throw water on His fire.”

We want to be close to God, yet we are often pulled away. We always reap what we sow. I learned this the hard way.

What You Feed Grows

When Ron and I bought one of our first homes in Knoxville, TN, we were thrilled with the house itself, but the yard was another story. It was large and barren, and while we yearned to create a lush garden paradise, the budget was very thin. We decided to settle for a few trees sprinkled across the barren front yard.

Traipsing to the nursery, we proudly purchased three new trees.  Ron dug. We planted, and I faithfully tended and watered our new investment. Two of our three beautiful trees flourished and grew. But no matter what I did, one seemed to die a bit more each day.

Eventually, its fate was clear.  The leaves were brown and shriveled with absolutely no sign of life. Defeated, I trudged out with my shovel and loosened the dirt around its base so that I could throw it out.

When There Is No Room to Grow

As I lifted the dead little tree from the ground, I made a shocking discovery. We had forgotten to remove the tough burlap bag that the nursery had wrapped around its roots. Oops! Clearly, all the watering, feeding, and tending would never work. It was so firmly bound up by the old that there was no space for the new to grow.

These principles apply in our spiritual life as well. For our relationship with God to grow, we must be willing do away the old so we can receive the new.

Guard Your Heart

Think about the average church. Everyone sits in the same cushioned pews, hears the same wonderful sermons, and sings the same rich songs — yet some people seem to grow by leaps and bounds as they are watered with this rich food while others never seem to change.  Why?

There are probably a myriad of reasons but I think that they all have the same root cause – the heart. It is far too easy to go through the motions of Christian living yet hang onto our own agenda deep in our hearts. Wisely knowing that we are all at risk for spiritual suffocation, Solomon urges us to beware.

Above all else, guard your heart,
for it is the wellspring of life.

Proverbs 4:23

‘Above all else.’ This is the only passage in Proverbs with that phrase.  How sobering.  Proverbs tells us to be pure, to treasure wisdom, to live sacrificially, to seek knowledge, and to fear the Lord.  While all of those things are important, Solomon makes it a point to say, “above all else, guard your heart.”

A good relationship with God grows in a tender heart.

Listen to audio “Desiring God” & Learn:

Our relationship with God is similar to our relationship with anyone else, it must be fed if it is to grow. Check the evidence to discover what you have been feeding with your thought life. Learn specific ways to guard your heart to keep it tender towards God.

  • Recognize the two things that grieve God the most
  • Learn the three keys to keeping a tender heart and growing deeply in your relationship with Him
  • Discover how to make desiring God the motivating force in your life

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