An Invitation to Wellness

by Linda Shull

My sweet father recently passed away.  Following heart surgery four years ago, his body and mind were never the same and as a family we could not prevent his downward spiral with vascular dementia.  Today, my first dance partner, the one who taught me how to dance as I stepped on his feet, walks the streets of heaven, healthy and whole. I love to think of him there.

However, something else happened four years ago that extended Dad’s life physically. While we could not reverse the changes to his brain, we could affect the changes to Dad’s body, and we did! Dad came home with a long list of drugs and various tubes to keep him alive. We made a conscious decision for a healthier approach to wellness and God provided the way. Within months, the cholesterol and high blood pressure drugs were gone, as was the insulin and various tubes. God gave us four more precious years with Dad!

Often times we don’t make a “conscious decision for wellness” until we are forced to do so! The reasons are many but knowing what to do as well as someone to do it with are wonderful motivators.

Wellness. What is it, anyway?

Wellness is usually defined as balance in all areas of life. Healthy lifestyle is another good definition. To me, wellness is consistent, sustainable self-care that wisely invests the life that God has given you. Wellness involves all aspects of one’s life: spiritual, physical, psychological, and social and integrates them the way God intended. Wellness is proactive, purposeful, productive and powerful. Wellness is a state of mind that says we are responsible for our choices, we are God’s temple, and we want to hear God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Your life matters and how you live it matters.

What can be more fulfilling than knowing God’s purpose for your life, knowing the steps to take, and having the energy to carry them out?  Wellness, while never fully achieved this side of heaven, refers to a life that is healed, unimpaired and flourishing! It all sounds refreshing, so why don’t we focus on wellness? What are our obstacles?

For most women, the number one obstacle may be all the daily distractions of raising a family, maintaining a job,  a marriage and other relationships.  Oh yes, and then there is the house to maintain, yard to care for, car to think about. For singles, there are a lot of things that have to be done alone; perhaps there is a demanding career or friendships that vie for first place. Then there are the hardships and trials of life: heart surgeries, illnesses, injuries, conflicts, job loss and even death itself.

Is it possible to persevere, with God’s help and still make progress toward wellness no matter what happens? I believe the answer is yes. I have gone through all the above challenges and while I am far from perfect, I am progressing in wellness due to God’ grace.

So, here’s my invitation:

Would you consider joining me in a Wellness Coaching Group for women that will provide you with a safe place to talk, be heard and explore all aspects of wellness? A place where you are not alone, but receive support and accountability? Would you like to get past obstacles and embark on the road to wellness? I would love to have you join me in October for a time of coaching around the Wellness Wheel with others of like mind.

Perhaps you would like individual coaching around the topic of wellness. If so click here to evaluate 8 areas of your life on the interactive Wheel of Life.

My Dad’s passing reminds me that we are here for such a short time. How can we make the most of our days on earth? I grieve my father’s death, but I celebrate his life. It is by God’s grace that I will keep dancing, keep pursuing wholeness and wellness, and more importantly, I will keep pursuing my heavenly Father! How about you?

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