Envision the Future

How would you like to improve your life without moving a muscle? It sounds like the latest productivity scam, but it’s true. You can dramatically reduce your anxiety, increase your performance and blaze a path to success all while sitting in your favorite LazyBoy Recliner. How? The same way Read more

Creating Lasting Change

What would your life be like if I waved a magic wand and you continued to do what you are doing but you consistently did it better? What new avenues could you explore and how would your relationships change if your self-confidence suddenly soared? Imagine dialing down your negative self-talk Read more

God is Waiting ~ Contagious Love: Wk. 7

The story is told about an old man who was becoming increasingly concerned about his wife’s hearing.  He was convinced that she was on the verge of being stone deaf.  But no matter what he did, she wouldn’t admit there was a problem. After months of trying to convince her, he had had enough and Read more

Is This All There Is? ~ Contagious Love ~ Wk. 7

An engineer was walking through a construction site and stopped a laborer and asked him what he was doing. He said, "I'm moving these boards from this pile to that pile over there." A little further on, he saw a saw a mason and asked him what he was doing. The mason replied, "I'm getting ready to Read more

Love Goes Viral ~ Contagious Love Wk. 6

It was August 16th, 1987 and the plane was going down. There were only seconds to buckle seat belts, assume the crash position and hold on for dear life. Hearts pounded, fingers fumbled and 155 passengers of Northwest flight 225 covered their heads with their hands. All except one. Paula Chican, Read more

False Expectations ~ Contagious Love ~ Week 5

There are certain words that every parent longs to hear: It will be my pleasure to drop what I am doing just to help you out. What was I thinking? I promise to never hit my brother again. I’ll set my alarm extra early from now on to make sure I have time to make my bed. My homework is all Read more

Defining Moments ~ Contagious Love: Wk.4

In a popular Muppet TV skit, “Pigs in Space,” Miss Piggy and friends are given the rare and beautiful opportunity to discover the meaning and purpose of life.  All they have to do is wait one minute and all of the universe’s secrets will be revealed. Unfortunately, 20 seconds into their wait the Read more

The Way ~ Contagious Love: Wk.3

I am directionally challenged. I don’t think this is a certifiable mental disorder (yet), but it should be. It really slows me down.  Sometimes when I am going to a familiar place from an unfamiliar location, I actually have to pull off the road and just sit and think until my head hurts.  And even Read more

Dust for Diamonds ~ Contagious Love: Wk. 2

This is my granddaughter, Peyton. I don’t want to offend any grandparents out there, but naturally, we consider Peyton to be the most brilliant and beautiful child in the entire world J.  Having said that, she still has a lot to learn. At six months old, Peyton has gone mobile. She can’t crawl Read more

Contagious Love

The movie,Contagion, made its debut recently. I haven’t seen it, but I was intrigued by Wikipedia’s description of the plot line: Contagion follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days. As the fast-moving pandemic grows, the worldwide medical community races to Read more