New Friends

I love the Internet. It allows me to travel the world without ever leaving my comfy, cushy chair. Recently, I had the privilege of taking an online writing class with Jeff Goins and not only did I learn some critical writing skills, I made some great new friends. One of those friends is Read more

Dealing with Temptation (Part 1)

Picture this - your class reunion is a mere two months away and you desperately want to lose 30 pounds. You’re firmly committed, you’ve already started a diet and you’re genuinely excited about showing off that svelte body to your former classmates. All is going well. Until… until there is a Read more

Prioritizing Priorities

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33 Dale Carnegie tells the story of two men who spent the day chopping wood. The Worried Woodcutter worked hard all day long. He chopped non-stop without even taking a break for lunch. Read more

Change is easy. Change is Hard. Part 2

In Part I of Change is Easy. Change is Hard. you were introduced to the Four Phases of Learning model which helps explain why change so difficult. Moving from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence, or using our metaphor, going from not even knowing that Europeans drive differently than Read more

A Sacred Stain

by Kim Avery A favorite author of mine, Brennan Manning, has the incredible gift of describing Jesus in raw, unexpected, and totally heart captivating ways. On this Good Friday of Holy Week, I would like to share with you, in Brennan's own words, his experience of the incomparable Christ. “In Read more