Frugal Friday – Coupon stacking = Retail grace?

by Mary O.  Moss

Some stores allow shoppers to “stack” coupons. Coupon stacking is using more than one coupon on one item. Coupon stacking is a store-specific opportunity to save even more money. The blog, (Freebies 4 Mom), provides comprehensive information about this.  The three stores in my area that allow this practice are Target, Walgreens and CVS.

Target and Walgreens both allow you to use a “store coupon” (with the store logo/name on it) plus a printed manufacturer’s coupon (either from a sale flier or printed off the internet) for an item. Both coupons must specifically state what they are for and they must “match.” In other words if one is 50 cents off and the other is $1 off, it won’t work.

I’ve found Target coupons in inserts in the Sunday paper, and on line HERE at A Full Cup.  When you get to the site, you’ll also find an awesome Target Shopping List to match coupons to products and other manufacturer coupons. When you get your Target receipt, be sure to check for “Catalina coupons.” These are coupons printed on the back or bottom of your receipt. Sometimes there’s even a chance to take a quick survey about your shopping experience and receive a discount on your next trip or to be entered in a drawing for a gift card.

Walgreens is another great place to stack coupons. I have been doing this for years and saved tons of money. Like Target, Walgreens has an insert “magazine” in the Sunday paper and midweek.  At the front of the store you can pick up a Walgreens coupon booklet so you can plan your purchases for the month, matching up store and manufacturer’s coupons to save a bunch.

I typically wait until the mid-week ads come out to shop using these “stacked” coupons because they restock the shelves in anticipation of another rush of shoppers.

CVS goes one step farther in the stacking department, though! They allow you to use a CVS coupon, manufacturer’s coupon AND “Extra Bucks” coupons. CVS runs special promotional ads each week indicating you can earn “Extra Bucks” for purchasing select items. These are coupons you can use on ANY item in the store just like cash on your next visit! You can click HERE to learn more about this great money-savings method!

I chose this frugal living topic today after reading rather lengthy forum discussions on whether or not it was ethical to do this, if it was “cheating” or being greedy. That’s up to each individual to decide, of course, but if the store allows it, they do so because they know (or hope) you’ll spend even more money on “non-coupon” items.

“For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace” (John 1:16 NASB).
“From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another” (John 1:16 NIV).
“We all live off his generous bounty,  gift after gift after gift” (John 1:16 The Message).

I choose to think of these opportunities as “retail grace.”  We receive more than the store needs to give us in the hopes we’ll shop there.  Isn’t that kind of how grace is? God offers it and makes it so appealing we just can’t resist His invitation!

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  1. Heather Heminger says:

    Mary, thank you for the visual reminder of God’s grace. I’m learning the “art of couponing,” and love stacking coupons. While I am usually very joyful and grateful for God’s provision through coupons, I will now add thankfulness for his grace. And on a more practical note… the stores get reimbursed for every manufacturer’s coupon. Thanks again!

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