Danger – Blog Changes Ahead!

Danger – change ahead!!! Oh, how I wish those words never had to come out of my mouth (keyboard :)). The truth is that in this time-restrained world “nothing fails like success,” and what that means is that changes lie ahead for the Living in Love with Jesus blog here at Life Coaching for Read more

When God Says “Shop”

by Kim Avery Please stay tuned for a brief posting delay. Did that sound impressive and official? I hope so because the unofficial story is that I forgot to take my post for Transformed on Tuesdays with me on my 4th of July vacation. So, today’s originally scheduled wise and inspiring Read more

Outstanding Blogger Award

Colleen at Adventures of a Small Town Girl gave me the Outstanding Blogger Award! How thoughtful was that? I'm so glad to be a part of a community of bloggers who give their precious time and gifts to continually point each of us to our incomparable Jesus. In this encouraging world of Christian Read more

Frugal Friday: Fasting

by Mary O. Moss Have you ever considered your choice to live frugally as a fast? God has been putting on my heart that I should reframe how I view my fugal lifestyle—to think about consuming less not as a deprivation, but as a spiritual discipline. Even if living a frugal lifestyle is less out of Read more

Ultimate Blog Party

by Kim Avery What if I threw a party and no one came???? Thankfully, that didn’t happen because you are here. Why a virtual party? Because I am a virtual girl who lives in a very virtual world. Yes, I have a real family (who I adore), and flesh and blood friends that I wouldn’t trade for Read more